Canoe Foot Braces

Thinking of adding foot braces to my old town pack canoe. I use a double paddle and think it would be helpful?

Appreciate your thoughts. Good idea? Source? Installation ? etc.

Wenonah and Harmony
Make foot at and foot pegs respectively

Very useful for any seated paddler single or double blade.

Easy to install

I use a double bladed canoe paddle on
my old Grummy. It was still wide so I cut the Thwarts and pulled in the sides a few inches. I used a drop-in seat that gave me better control. Foot pegs were next on my list but I opted with thigh straps instead.

You might be able to glue stiff foam to
the bottom of the boat to use for foot braces. Would allow you to avoid having to drill the hull for a foot bar brace.

Gray minicell would be the best foam, and contact cement could be used for attachment. Foam blocks should be deep beyond the foot contact zone, to allow for plenty of glue area and for the foot braces to be plenty firm.