Canoe for big guy!

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Looking for a tandem canoe for a 250 lb man that mainly goes solo canoeing but sometimes takes another person! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

There’s about a bazillion out there
…that can handle two big people. But before anyone can give you any suggestions, we need to know what kind of paddling you will be doing, i.e. down river, white water, lakes, etc. Also, materials and boat weight considerations(do you want a lightweight boat to portage often, do you expect to impact rocks all the time?).

Canoe for big guy
Mainly flat water lakes fishing and occasional slow moving rivers. Preferably 50lbs or under. Probably won’t be in contact with a lot of rocks and such.

big mans canoe
With the solo use in mind I would start this ball rolling with some 16 to 17 foot high volume models: Nova Craft Prospector 16, Mad river explorer, Souris River Quetico 16, Wenonah “17”, Prospector 16, or Boundary Waters. The 16’s will be less wind blown when you are alone. The Nova Craft Prospector 16 is particularly voluminous and stable.

Big guy canoeing
Thank y’all so much for your replys and help! I am going to look into those models! I currently own a 14ft old town rogue river that I purchased at a local Sporting goods store a few years ago to get me started into canoeing and I am looking to upgrade .

this recent thread
while having a special emphasis on how to trim a canoe where there is a big size difference between the paddlers, this thread also lists some good models to consider.

Depending on what manufacturers are represented in the area of the country you are in, you may have other options as well.

You need 2 boats

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Spend your dollars on a high quality solo boat first since that is what you are going to use the most. Then buy an aluminum, OT Disco or an older fiberglass Wenonah for the tandem.

250 isn’t that big

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I'm 225, and the last thing a want to paddle a a big tandem boat. I paddle a Bell Yellowstone Solo, and have never had an issue. I think you can paddle just about anything.

Thank you all for the helpful advice! Currently paddling a 14 ft flat bottom canoe sitting in the bow seat facing backwards. I have a mushroom anchor that weighs about 10lbs on a Scotty anchor system on what is now the bow and have about 3-4 inches of freeboard behind me and of course the front of the boat is setting higher in the water.

Canoe for big guy
Is it worth it to keep the boat and put in a seat closer to the center thwart or kneel more towards the center? Or is it better to just go for a bigger canoe? I’d like to try some solo canoes but down here in north Texas kayaking is the big thing! Canoeing, not as much! Also I should make mention I have a 4 month old son and although it will be a while before he is able to go I am looking forward to family trips to the lake and down the river! Probably going to hit the Red River as my first river! I would also be bringing a labrador retriver along for the trip as well!

Exactly why you need 2 boats
A solo in the 15/16ft range and the tandem for the dog/child/wife river trip. IA has a limited supply of used canoes as well so you have to expand your search area to find one. For me I’m always buying boats out of IL for some reason.

This board will get you out of that “Rec” canoe and into a much nicer paddling craft before long. And your not that big of a guy I got 40lbs on you

A bigger canoe won’t sit
any more level in the water if you are at one end of it. You’ll need a seat 12 or 18 inches behind center I would guess whether the canoe is bigger or not.

Personal preference

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I was in a similar canoe earlier this week – a Merrimack Osprey – 13’ long, 39 “ wide:

It wasn’t too far out of trim, but I prefer a narrower boat. A lot of people love to paddle tandems from the bow seat. Check out Bill Mason’s classic video.

The traditional boat for this type of paddling is a wood/canvas Prospector, but any boat will do.