Canoe for Crabbing

I’m thinking about purchasing the Wenonah Kingfisher canoe to use for crabbing in the protected rivers and creeks off the Chesapeake Bay. I will be pulling traps from the canoe. Do you think this is a good canoe for crabbing or crabbing from a canoe is a bad idea? I have pulled traps from a sit-on-top kayak. Only problem is I can only carry a few traps on my kayak. Any info on the Wenonah Kingfisher canoe or a better canoe for crabbing will be greatly appreciated. I plan on using a trolling motor with the canoe and will probably have two adults and sometimes one-two kids in the canoe.

sounds like a great choice to me
Wenonah makes nice lightweight canoes and the Kingfisher is a great platform for what you want to do with it. A friend of mine has one.

One word of advice though, I would get the Tuff Weave composite layup instead of the Royalex. You will get a lot of oil canning with that wide, flat bottom in Royalex (Wenonah uses thin sheets to save weight). For what you are doing, there is no good reason for Royalex. I’d spend the extra $200ish to get the Tuff Weave. You won’t regret it.

I’m considering Kevlar Flex-core

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Thanks for the feedback. I pretty much ruled out the Royalex model. I'm trying to decide between the Tuf-weave or the Kevlar Flex-core. I'm leaning towards the Kevlar Flex-core. I hoping this canoe will last me 20-years and when I'm in my 60's I can still manage to car-top the canoe. So I'm attracted light weight of the Kevlar. Any comments on the Kevlar Flex-core material?