Canoe for Fishing / Need to Stand

I am looking to buy a canoe (my first)

I would like something for 2 people that can be easily maneuvered by 1 for fishing. I would also like it to be stable so I can stand to harvest some high bush blueberries accessible only from water. I will be using in a lake.

I am looking for suggested dimensions and or particular canoes. Light weight would be nice.

I am a new to this so all suggestions welcomed.



Why a canoe?
There are a number of sit-on-top kayaks that you can stand in to cast, or do whatever. Some are doubles

Old Town Guide 147
The Old Town Guide 147 is a great canoe for general use. It’s small enough for 1 to handle with relative ease and large enough to add a friend. With a little practice, standing and fishing is very doable due to its great stability.

which ever one you get
watch out for that farmer with the shotgun !



For the fish
Just a suggestion

I got these last year and they work.