canoe from Red Lake to black lake NY

wanted to take a multi day canoe trip from Red Lake to black lake on the Indian river. Has anyone done this section? Is there camping spots along the way. How was the fishing? Is there any portages to know about. Was thinking about doing this in June 2015 after the black flies settle down. Any info would be appreciated. thanks Buzz

Indian River

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I canoed the Indian River last year from Antwerp to the bridge near Rossie, just south of Black Lake. It was a 38 mile race training paddle, easily done in a single day. We did not paddle at anything like race speed, but held a stead pace in a light current. There are a couple of portages around dams, easily managed. I do not recall any designated campsites, but I wasn't looking for any. Most of the river passes through private farmland, along with some relatively remote woods and marshlands, especially when passing by the area of Red Lake. I imagine you could camp in many places, but you should ask permission if possible.

The Indian River is a very pleasant river to paddle, little current but plenty of water. We did not fish, but from the looks of it the fishing should be excellent. Much more information is available from the NYSDEC website: