Canoe Gunwale brackets

Does anyone know of any outfit that sells gunwale brackets that will fit the Yakama round bars other than Yakama?

I just went on line to order a set from them, and now you have to get them complete with straps.

I have a bunch of straps and can’t see paying big bucks just for extra straps.

Thanks in advance,


Yakima still sells their old gunwale bracket, which is taller and unpadded but work well, now called loadstops. They do not come with straps and are significantly less expensive than gunwale brackets.

Nermal is (as usual) on the button; the Loadstops are just what you want. If, by chance, you have a canoe w/severe tumblehome, the taller loadstops will sometimes be too tall and hit the hull. If that happens, reverse the brackets so that the L shape faces outwards rather than inwards(so the taller vertical plane is now inside the gunwale rather than outside). It looks odd at first but works just as well. Paddle On!

Just cut the uprights down until they
work with the boat(s) you are loading. The uprights are much higher than they need to be, interfering with loading and adding wind noise.

Of course…
some of us think they are just fine the way they are without cutting them down! :stuck_out_tongue:

thats what roll cage padding is
for…pad over the gunwales and hull.

(well it is if you dont race cars)

I like the higher load stops. The canoe cant jump when/if the straps stretch in wet.

Tis a bit of a pita to remove boat especially if its bagged. The stops catch on everything.

Never found them (or the bars)to add any wind noise. Suspect that varies with your particular cars air flow.

Thanks all, I’ll look into those …
“Load Stops”

It sounds like they are the same as my old set, and I like them much better than the new low ones.

I don’t much care if the top hits the sides of the canoes. My canoes are all well used and are still happy canoes.

On my older ones, there is a little flex at the top and they hit the sides on both of my racing boats, but that is ok with me.

I sent Yakama a e-mail asking them about them and I am waiting their reply.



LoadStop padding
Lowes sells sheets of very dense padding, about 1/4" thick with adhesive backing. These would make excellent pads for LoadStops. Find them with the crutch tips & chair glides.


I got some off of E-Bay cheaper than off the store shelf.

If they don’t hit your tumblehome, and
if you don’t mind lifting your boat over the extra inch+, then you are all set.

I don’t think I ever had a canoe loaded
loose enough that it would jump over gunwale stops when the straps, or ropes, are wet. Now that I have cut the brackets to half height, I still don’t expect to ever have the boat jump over them.

Maybe gravity is lower in your part of the country.

Not in the catalogue
Their not in the Yakima catalogue, but still available. Found them still listed by Rutabaga, forth product down the page.

REI has them on their web site and they were 20% off, but I think the sale ended yesterday.

I had a major “jumping problem” once
using the lower gunwale brackets with a flexcore Wenonah Voyager. There was a strong cross wind and a short spacing between crossbars. The sides of that Voyager flex a lot and there is a lot of boat to catch the wind. Several times I had to pull over to reposition the boat on the brackets and snug the straps down - a rather scary experience having that long canoe hopping off the brackets. Since then I’ve gone back to using the older higher brackets when carrying the Voyager.

Strange. My latest Accord has 30" bar
spacing, and with one thwart between the crossbars, there is no way my canoes could flex enough to jump the brackets. I assume your Voyageur may be set up without a thwart lying between the rack bars.

Yea, that was a bummer!
My wife saw it this morning.

I’ll just tell the kids, (the oldest being 49), I want a set for fathers day.



They are the old ones

the Load stops are the old gunwale brackets. And i agree that they are better than the new ones.

I have never padded mine, the material is soft enough and it grips quite well. Never have a problem lifting over the stops since I load from the rear of the vehicle and push forward into place.

They don’t show them in the catalog so you will just buy the more expensive new ones with straps.


Have a set for sale…
I have a set for sale - I belive they are the old style you are looking for, with no padding. Actually, I have a complete roof rack for sale - yakima bars with j-brackets, and the canoe brackets, I will part them out if needed. If you are interested send me an email. I can send you pictures and measurements to make sure they are what you are looking for. Only used for 1 season last summer. This year I went with a thule system due to vehicle replacement.

e-mail is on the way


just sent you an email