Canoe help

Looking for advice on Packboats. Vermont, Placid… Not sure I want to use a kayak paddle and sit so low in the canoe. CAn I , has anyone ever tried to hang a seat and kneel one of these packboat style of canoes??? Can you single blade them??

thanks in advance.

Why do you want a pack style canoe
if your primary intention is to use a single blade from a sitting/kneeling stance? Why not consider a craft designed and set up for such?

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

Custom Canoe Paddles and Woodstrip Canoes

Placid Boatworks offers a choice of seat heights to accommodate different paddling styles.

I know a number of folks who paddle RapidFires with a single blade.

Not saying you can’t,

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I also know people who do. I'm trying to understand the reason behind the question about pack boats.

Placid Rapidfire
I use a single blade with my Rapidfire. I prefer it to a doubleblade. They do make a kneeling version as well.

Thank you for the advice and info. I was looking to pick up a used Vermont tupper but am not a fan of sitting low and using a kayak paddle. I have servaral kayaks and don’t wish to do more of that. I also have a few canoes allready so this doesn’t sound like a good step for me. for photography I like to be up on my knees and stable.

Vermont Tupper can be used w/single
blade canoe paddle - at least that’s what I recall from previous discussions.

I don’t know what the seat height options are - call Rob at Vermont and ask.

I use my RapidFire almost exclusively as a kneeling solo canoe and am pretty pleased with it. I do wish it maneuvered a little easier, but I don’t actually need the maneuverability; I just enjoy turning.

In response to Marc Ornstein’s question: I got the RapidFire because I sought speed in a kneeling boat. I haven’t measured the difference relative to my prior boat (WildFire), but my friends tell me I’m faster.