Canoe hull damage

I have searched for this answer but haven’t had any luck so I’m going to ask… Can anyone tell me what a hog(sp?) in the hull of a canoe looks like? If someone has a picture, I would love to see it.

Thank you everyone!

I think it’s when the bottom pooches up
to a marked degree, so that the ends of the canoe are lower in the water than the middle. We paddled a “hogged” Old Town Discovery, and it didn’t turn well. Seemed slower also.

Some canoes, including one we own, will “oil can” a bit. The bottom may wave upward when the boat passes over waves. Hogging is a more exaggerated version of oil canning, a more persistent and damaging phenomenon.

It is possible to deal with hogging by putting minicell foam struts or pillars between the three thwarts. These force the bottom down and keep it down. With an aluminum boat, it may be necessary to put the boat on a cushy grass surface and jump up and down on the bottom to re-form it.

Hogging is when the center of the keel is higher than the stems. It’s the opposite of rocker.

Centuries ago,some long,lightweight ships used a hogging truss to help support the ends of the vessel while at sea.

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known as KayakMedic here, provided a nice graphic to your request for info on How many answers do you need?

You didn't mention hull composition. Rotomolded hulls can hog in sunlight. ABS hulls often hog when used, as water pressure pushes upwards on the soft, flattish bottoms. Composite hulls often hog when foam bottom cores are not pre heat set, if the rail system flattens the shear line or if the bottom of the boat has been stressed upwards, say caught on a rock while loaded or having a tree limb fall on it.

The handling characteristics are problematical. Solutions include installing a keelson pogo-sticked to the thwarts and selecting another hull.


It’s not so much “damage” as it just is

… what happens to certain plastic canoes, such as Old Town poly-link hulls. It’s more like paint peeling than damage per se. It’s just what happens over time and exposure to the elements.

OT problem
My old town disco 119 did this to the point the inside of the boat began to crack, it can be a serious issue, such that Old Town took it back as a warranty issue.

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