Canoe hulls vs kayak hulls

To save bringing a question to the board about every different canoe I come across, how about a more general question?

I know pretty much what to expect in the way initial and secondary stability, tracking, etc. from looking at a given kayak hull.

Is there anything about the higher CG, single paddle or other factor that would make a canoe hull behave differently than a similarly shaped kayak hull?


I’d venture to say
if the hull shapes are similar, or the same, your differences will be in center of gravity as you mentioned (kayak w/lower seating will feel more stable and probably easier to edge as you are usually locked in better) as well as more influence by the wind in regards to the canoes volume above the H2o. The earodynamics of the kayaks shape above the H2o would be far less prone to weathercocking in wind, but of no value or benifit to speak of in times of no wind, unless you are pushing at a race pace. I might note that even marathon canoes sit higher above the surface than most marathon kayaks. As far as the concept of single verses double blade differences, Sea Kayaker mag has a blip on the use of a single bladed bent shaft in a kayak this issue.