Canoe hunting the BWCA

Does anyone have any info on bow deer hunting areas in the BWCA. This has always been a curiosity to me. I would love to do it one day, but I do not even know if it is allowed. Anyone here have any info?


Good luck to ya…
I’m trying to put together a moose hunting/canoe trip in my area…

Hunting in BWCA
I know you can’t use firearms in the BWCA. Not sure about bow hunting. Better check before you get yer hopes up.

You sure can use firearms in the BWCA

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you can't in Quetico, but you can in the BWCA. MN state regulations are in effect in the BWCA.

I take a trip to the BWCA in October that coincides with the moose season. We always see moose hunters. One year we even witnessed a moose being shot.

We also see several grouse hunters.

Bow hunting deer is allowed too (so is gun). I know little about it, even though I used to bow hunt in my area of Minnesota. I imagine in the BWCA it is very different. Low deer density. No agricultural crops to take advantage of, etc.

Hunting from a canoe is (or at least use to be) legal. You can not, however, shoot while the motor is running, but in 98% of the BW you can't have a motor anyway.

You can't shoot close to or toward campsites and portages, no motorized vehicles, and there are group-size limites - all the BWCA regs - but other than that, Minnesota State law applies.

OK I stand corrected

No specific info but
it’d be a huge pain to quarter and portage a deer out, especially if you’re alone. A better option would be just to go hunting in Superior National Golf Course. You could probably drive a golf cart up to haul one out.

Seriously, I’ve heard stories about how hard it is to get a deer out, and I see many more deer in areas outside of the BWCA where road access is near-by.

Consider camping on a campground on a lake at an entry point and hunting in the surrounding forest. Maybe somewhere along The Grade.

When is MN hunting season?
The reason I ask is that I’ll be doing a trip the 2nd week of Oct and would want to know whether to wear blaze orange or not.

Nov 3

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is the deer hunting firearms opener.

But read the schedule, there's a few oddities earlier.

glad I asked!
Thanks for the info. It looks like moose season will be in full swing.

Blaze Orange.
It’s never a bad ideal to wear a blaze orange hat or vest on any type of public hunting land from Sept. 14th to Jan. 1st, which would apply to the BWCA.


Canoe hunting the BWCA
Good Luck, it is a Low population area for Deer and rugged terrain in most area’s as you know.

Perhaps a canoe trip On the St Louis or Perhaps Big Fork or Vermillion River’s would produce better results, Particularly during the early morning and late evening hours…During mid day pay particular attention when you come into lowlying cedar area’s where Deer hide in heavily Hunted zones.