Canoe I.D.?

Is there a way to ID my canoe? I havent foundy any brand or name on it anywhere. All i know is its big, white, and fiberglass. Maybe ill take a closer look and post a pic.Thanks

there is no names at all.only a serial number. its white with green inside. the seats are molded fiberglass and there is some sort of “seam” in the center. ill try to get a pic thursday if i can.

If the first three digits of the serial

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number are letters it might tell you the manufacturer. If you have the first three letters search the MIC database here.

Yup. See below. This link no longer works.

HINs and MICs
The Coast Guard maintains a data base of hull identification numbers (HIN). The first three positions of the HIN is the manufacturer’s identification code (MIC). You can search the data base through this web site:

Can you take a guess as to its age?

the last time it was registered was 1987

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and i think that was the only year registered.
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