Canoe ID trouble HOL005230875

I picked up an old fiberglass canoe from a coworker earlier this month for 150 bucks and would like to restore it a bit. He thought it was an Old Town canoe but wasn’t sure, I tried to look up the serial number but it seems to come up with Holland Yahts Inc, a company with with little/no info that as far as I can tell existed for 5 years in the mid 1980s. Would appreciate any help, thanks!

its not an Old Town Canoe. The canoe is from 1975, You already know the Old Town MIC is XTC
With a craft going on 50 years old its possible some of the lettering is worn down or not what originally inscribed.

Yes thank you, I figured he was mistaken when he told it was an Old Town because I had already tried looking up the serial number when I picked it up. After sanding it down a bit the serial number just more clearly says the same thing, maybe another number will pop up somewhere when I get the rest of the shotty paint job off.

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Wow, that’s rough. Good luck with the restoration.

If you are looking to paddle more than restore, I would keep it simple. Clean it up, and get on the water.

Thank you, yeah its not the prettiest boat on the water but I’ve taken it out a few times and it seems like a decent canoe. Spent a few hours on the sander today, starting to believe it might turn out alight.

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Pretty is as pretty does. You are in it for your pleasure. No one else matters!

It looks like a chopper gun fiberglass canoe. Probably not worth a whole lot but then you didn’t pay much for it and it might suit your needs just fine. But I wouldn’t invest a whole lot of money in it.

I can’t believe those seats are either stock or comfortable and the first thing I would do if I owned the boat was to see about replacing them. Take some steel wool to the aluminum gunwales and you can clean up and buff the exterior.

Thank you for the info. I wasn’t planning on doing too much to it, definitely nothing expensive but I’m quarantined from work atm so I got some free time. Yeah those seats are terrible, fiberglass sticking out everywhere, we’ve had to lay towels on them when we take it out, definitely going to have to do something about that.