Canoe Identification HELP!


I just acquired this canoe for free. Found it for $75 on letgo. On the way to look at it, the owner messaged me and said I could have it for free. It does need fiberglass work but it’s something I can definitely handle. I can’t wait to get started on it!

There are no markings on this canoe.
Does anyone have a clue of what manufacturer this could be?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

One messed up boat. It wasn’t made as a square stern and the HIN would have been sawn off too
Frankly not worth anything

What’s your time worth? If you don’t necessarily put a dollar figure on your time when it comes to fix-em-up projects, is there something else you could be doing with that time which would actually be fun (or even just necessary)? Based on the value I place on my time, I wouldn’t bother fixing that boat. I hope you actually did get it for free instead of the initially proposed $75.

The identity of this canoe will remain a mystery that is better left unsolved. It could be on of a dozen of small shop fiberglass canoe makers from the sixties and 70’s that are long gone. And who made it does not matter, it is not anything with a collectors value, it is a generic fiberglass canoe. As mentioned above, the HIN plate would have been on the section of the hull that was removed during the horrible conversion to a square stern. If you want this to be useable, best to just cut a new transom from marine plywood fitted to the hull cross-section where it was chopped off. Secure it with stainless steel screws, epoxy, and glass it on the inside to the hull. It won’t be the greatest paddling canoe, but it will be useable and have some value. 3/4" plywood double layered should be strong enough and easily available. Have fun with it, it will unique when done.Bill

wow that’s a mess. Glad it was free. He probly should have paid you $20 to take it away. I agree with the above post. Replace that transom with marine grade plywood. Fixing the bow bulkhead won’t be that bad if you can find a way to remove that tar or whatever it is.

You could save repair time by making it a square bow too. :smiley: