Canoe Identification?!

I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the canoe that I just purchased. I am new to canoeing and I got a great deal on this 10 ft aluminum canoe, but I don’t know anything about it. Does anyone have any thoughts?
Thank you so much for the input!

Looks like it might be an early Alumacraft. If you can locate the serial number (VIN), it would be identifiable. It should be on one side of the bow, or riveted to a bulkhead.

Awesome, thank you very much! I will check for one when I get home today. I appreciate the info :smile:

If those are 2x6s in the the middle it seems that it is more like 12 feet. Michicraft made, or still makes under new organization the L-12. It has the crease in the bilge just like yours. I believe Michicraft was around before HINs, so if it is really old it may not have one.

Nothing to do with identification, but I would “for sure” ditch those pieces of 2"x 6".
Down size them w/ saw; then sand & stain them. Make a couple of decent thwarts, and loose some dead weight.


Was wondering what my canoe model is …bought used in 1992-3 . Sawyer 17’ or so, serial # SAW-00620-0889.Kevlar …can’t post photo for some reason.

I think also that this is a Michi-Craft. The sponson sides and the heavy cast aluminum end caps were features on their livery canoes. The sponson sides were more to strengthen the sides than for traditional sponson floatation. The cast end caps are heavier than the stamped aluminum used by others and took a lot of wear in livery use sliding in and out of truck bed and storage racks. Bill