canoe in big water

Was in a race where some canoes tipped when they got into some big waves on st lawrence river. Maybe they should have been on their knees to lower center of grav. Also canoes are so much better with a footbrace to push off with.

A footbrace is a absolute…
must for a canoe racer who sits.

It is also a must for leaning.



Might not be able to kneel
If they were in C-1 race boats or Pro boats, no room. They take skilled drivers in wavey water. Sometimes even thats not enough. I know I hold my breath a lot in my C1 race boat if there are a lot motorboats out there.

Race Boats not seaworthy
Every canoe design is a compromise. Making it excell in one area will weaken it in others. For Racing canoes, maximum hull speed and efficiency are the goal and stability and seaworthiness get sacrificed for that goal.

Paddle a marathon racing hull and you find that just keeping it upright on flat water requires good paddling skills and co-ordinated partners. Most racers in the pro-boat and competition cruiser class are experienced swimmers and practice fast recoveries from those unplanned swims. It is a part of racing.

Races get stopped for weather conditions that are not a hazard for most tripping canoes or recreation class canoes, but because the water conditions get to the point that the racing hulls are swamping and capsizing.

Rounded hulls, narrow hulls, shallow hulls, all traits that lead to speed, and capsizing.