Canoe info?

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Hey guys, I just signed on to this site in search of some help. I just picked up a canoe that I would like any kind of info on. It is a Genuine Indian Brand canoe (fiberglass, birkbark paint). I can not find any info or even a manufacturer.There are two stickers one on each side with a picture of an Indian head and the words Genuine Indian Brand. Thank You Don

Check the H.I.N.on the coast guards web site

I believe the first letters are the manufacturer

Last 2 no’s are the year

I’m going with Sears(as the seller),(every one knows they dont manufacture).


I don’t think Indian is still
manufacturing canoes. I googled “Genuine Indian Brand Canoe” and found no manufacturer references. However, close to the top of the list was a link to a guy selling a 17’ Indian, with pictures.

Ah’ recollect seein’…

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"Indian" brand canoos bein' used as upscale rental canoos (compared ta de Czechoslovakia-made "Bavaria", which was like a ultra-heavy fiberglass Mad River Adventure) in eastern Germany in de early '90's.


Yeah, check the HIN
The HIN has 12 digits and is like the manufacturer’s serial number of your car. It should be permanently affixed near the starboard (right) side of the stern (back). The first three letter are the manufacturer ID code, followed by a 5 digit serial number, and a 4 number/letter combination identifying the date of certification and manufacture.

If you like you can post it here and someone will look up the manufacturer for you on the Coast Guard site.

BTW – I owned one of those Sears, chopper-gun, fiberglass, fake birch bark canoes. It was the first canoe I owned all by myself. I had a great time with it for many years.

Indian Princess
Congratulations Don,

You have a Princess canoe manufactured by Rivers & Gilman Moulded Products, Inc.,Hampden, Maine. I’ve owned my since 1983 and wouldn’t part with it. Haven’t been able to use it as much as I would like but with kids out of the house soon, it’s still here for me to get back into it. From my notes it appears as thought my was a 1980 leftover purchased for $329 ($399 new). I have an original brochure with details and pictures if your interested. I believe the company went out of business shortly after '83.


Beam 35 3/4"

Depth 12 1/2"

Cap. 650lbs.

Wt. 84lbs.

Capacity 4 persons?


Genuine Indiana Brand Canoe info
Hi Don, please forgive me but I cannot recall If u obtained your canoe from me or not, however, I saw your inquiry and want to share that finding info on these canoes is tough. The orinigal hull material is not fiberglass it is a super bendable, abs, pvc type plastic made into a 3 layer hull with the mid layer a flotation foam engineered to keep the ship afloat even when the hull is filled with water. Genuine Indian Brand Canoe is the name of the original company who sold them new and another company who’s name I have on hand is the manufacturer. Below is info I discovered on the 3 layer hull they refer to in the industry as the “Sandwich approach.”

“Polyethylene & ABS Canoes (low cost, low care)

“Plastic, Tupperware and Poly” are just some of the confusing terms used to describe Polyethylene canoes. Polyethylene is extremely tough, but as a soft material is not very rigid. Manufacturers have overcome the stiffness problem in different ways.

The most successful solution is a patented multi-layer “sandwich approach”. A thick foam core is sandwiched between an outer and inner layer of polyethylene to provide stiffness at moderate cost. Polyethylene canoes slide off submerged rocks, and pop into shape better than aluminum canoes. Those requiring toughness or serious whitewater paddlers may choose a quality polyethylene canoe.”

As I was writing this I just found the original mfg’s info: “Rivers & Gilman Moulded Products Inc. Hampton, Maine.”

indian brand canoe
I have an 18’ Indian brand canoe that I’m looking to sell, its in excellent shape, a few minor scratches on the bottom. It also has a motor mount. Can anyone tell me what the value of it may be? I’m the original owner.

Indian Canoe
Hi, Do you still have the canoe for sale? I was trying to find out about this company. Do you know where they are from etc.? Any photos? Thank You!

Indian Brand Canoes (Royalex)
The Indian Brand Canoes made with Royalex slip

over the rocks very quietly. They are lighter weight than a lot of canoes.

They were not recommended for livery use as they are a light weight canoe and intended for more experianced paddlers.

I have one and love it. Its very stable and handles great. I can load it easily myself and used to hunt a lot br canoe also.

In used condition they are worth between 400 to 600 dollars depending shape they are in.

Indian Brand Canoes (Royalex)
I bought mine new in 1984 for 638.00

Best Canoe I have ever had and is still in almost new-like condition, with few scratches on it. slides over shallows very well and is very stable.