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I am needing some info on what would be the best canoe to buy. I am looking for a very stable tandem canoe that I could paddle in flat water but be able to go down a class I or class II rapids. Could you suggest what would be best for a reasonable price. I have a old town Saranac 146 which is a good canoe but I want to get another canoe that could handle the rapids. I plan on also doing a multi day trips with this canoe too. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

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Old Town Penobscot 16 or 17
out of Roylax.

But “very stable” is in the eyes of the paddler!

In mine and my wifes it is.

Jack L

Stable still may not be the most stable
You do want to be able to lean/edge the hull in waves & eddy turns. Secondary stability is good. Checking Pnet classifieds I see a couple of MR Explorers, Wenona Sundowners, a Dagger reflection, and a Dagger Passage. The passage may look big, but it’s a great tripping boat & can be thrown around in rapids pretty well.

Many, including me, asked about stability. Does a motorcylist ask how stable a motorcycle is? I’m willing to bet they all tip over just as easy as the next.

A better question might be “Will I be able to balance/maneuver this canoe?”

If you’re a beginner, look for something around 16’ long and 36" wide, with shallow arch bottom. My opinion.

Nearly any mfr’s model of the Prospector should work nicely.

Buy a used canoe at least 16 feet long. Find one with some rocker at least 14 inches deep. At least 35 inch beam. For rivers durable materials like Royalex and aluminum would be best.

We hit a log aligned with the current
On Juniper in our beater Penobscot 16 today

It was a refreshing swim

Sounds like you have advanced
to the stage where you should consider owning a fleet of canoes, or at least two of them.

Many others are already there.

Most if not all of the boats mentioned
should work but I’d encourage as much time in the saddle as available as you work up through Cl-II as each will handle a bit differently and your skills and strokes will be unique to. R