Canoe Information (Scott Legacy)

Looking for anymore info on this supposed Scott Legacy 17 Canoe. Owner thinks its royalex but it sure looks like a kevlar kay up to me? Can’t find any other real info on this model, any help would be appreciated before I put the effort in to drive the couple hours to see it.

Kevlar unlikely. Does it have flotation tanks inside the ends? If not, it is likely Royalex.

It doesn’t have float tanks as it has a foam core/diamond in the bottom. Doesn’t look like royalex as you can see the extra fabric on the nose?

A bottom core usually won’t provide sufficient flotation to achieve positive buoyancy although I’m sure there are exceptions.

I don’t see what you are calling “extra fabric on the nose”. If you are talking about an apparent difference in hull thickness, Royalex sheet was usually not uniform in thickness along the full length of the hull. The stem areas were almost always thicker.

They would only let me post one pic but posted the rest. The additional material can be better seen in the pic where the canoe is upside down

Those pics make it look more like a composite boat. But the post below suggests that the Legacy 17 was either Royalex or Royalite.

Even if it is composite, I’m still doubtful it is Kevlar. Some makers would paint a football on the interior hull bottom of their Kevlar boats but few would paint the entire interior.

If that yellow color was from Kevlar you would see the weave of the fabric.