canoe instruction books or dvd's

I am a beginner canoer and would like to get some books or dvd’s with instructional help. My 8 year old son is canoeing with me. What are the best books or dvd’s to help us learn the basics about canoeing. At this time we only canoe lakes and small, slow streams. Thanks

Canoe Instruction
I recommend any of the Bill Mason “Path Of The Paddle” books and VHS tapes. Great instruction from the master. Also recommended is his daughter - Becky Mason’s Classic Solo Canoeing. A little hard to find nowdays but available over the Internet.

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Mason videos and others

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The Best, good solid instruction

Masons' books:
If you want a Mason book, buy them from the redcanoe site. That is Becky, and Paul Mason, daughter and son of Bill.

Paddle your own canoe, The McGuffins
The new generation. Beautiful photography, (Joanie ain't bad either!), well written.

The Complete Wilderness Paddler/Davidson and Rugge
Oldie but a goodie, not so much how to paddle as how to mount a wilderness trip.

And I guess we should have something by Cliffie, Americas most prolific canoeing writer.

One is about as good as another. Cliff recycles alot of his "tips" from book to book.

ditto Bill Mason…
both books and videos.

Bill Mason
I found the Bill Mason videos are much better than the Becky Mason videos.You can usually get them from your library.