Canoe/Kayak at the Olympics

The first heat of the K1 and C1 slalom is streaming tomorrow (Sunday, 8/7) at 11:30.

The ACA has the rest of the schedule on their blog.

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Very bad news
Actually, it is not news, but I had no idea it was so bad.

Probably more of an issue
for the sprint paddlers who are paddling in the bay

Slalom is in a stand-alone facility

The water may be nasty, but the city looks beautiful.

furniture slalom??

The Showroom Floor Degree of…

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20,000 cubic feet per second!
Class III/IV/V suspense!
The torture passes through TP
so you can say it is in tents!
And off Jobim the paddler screams,
"These waters of march attack!"
As their run's undone by plush herculon,
bow's draw broke by camelback.

Great paddling
No one hit a couch - Casey Eichfeld and Michal Smolen both qualified.

This is one of the few aquatic sports where water quality is not an issue - the course uses water pumped from an artificial lake that is filtered and chlorinated. They did apparent have a problem with the pumps for a practice round on Thursday.

Great paddling indeed

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That sequence at gates 19, 20, 21 looked pretty darned gnarly. That sequence in particular looked like it would be nearly impossible in an open boat. The French guy (in C1)had really nice form, I thought. Seemed to take fewer strokes to do the same thing as the others, especially on his second run.

Where Are The Women Canoe Racers?
Only Women racing kayaks?

No softball for women too. Very sad and such a popular sport.

Can’t imagine doing any of it
Gates 19-20-21 seemed like the toughest combination.

I wondered the same thing about the C1 for women - not enough to justify a class?

Find the replay on my Roku
but not on-line. Not sure what that is all about. C2 and women K1 are today at 11:30. I’ll have to watch the replay tonight.

A lot of people
had trouble with gate 21 yesterday.

They said yesterday that there will be women’s C1 at the next Olympics, but maybe no men’s C2.

C1 Semi-Finals and Finals

These guys are amazing. Casey Eichfeld came in seventh.

Slalom Wrap-up