Canoe/kayak comparative aerobic benefits

Epic 18X sport with a wing paddle vs. Savage River Otegan 16’ stock canoe (20 lbs.) with a bent shaft Zaveral. The former I’ve got, the latter is on order. I enjoy both types of paddling. Any thoughts on which would be a better fitness workout on flat water. Thanks.

guessing canoe
There’s more torso rotation and your stroke rate will be a bit higher, faster twists through the torso on the recovery. The size of your blade would make a difference.

Aerobic benefit has more to do with
effort put forth to maintain a heart rate at certain levels. Either can give an equivalent workout, but the best, if its aerobic you want, is the one that you can more easily maintain that heart rate level.


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I have racing canoes and a QCC-700 that I race and in my estimation training and racing in both will give me equal "aerobic" fitness, just as paddling ALL OUT in my 9 foot rec kayak or my Old Town Disco will.
It is no different than riding all out on my Trek road bike or my Trek mountain bike.

The best way for getting aerobic is interval training in whatever boat you are paddling, or actual racing.

No scientific data: just my experience !