Canoe/Kayak Hoist

Just received and installed a storage hoist that I found at Easy to install and cost half the price of others I investigated.

Rated at 80 pounds, it lifted an equipment-laden Boreal Design Inukshuk (75 lbs total) with ease.

If it has 2 ropes, be carefull.

If you pull just one another is sliding trough

unrestricted - I dropped my kayak once.

Than I made a safety lock.

Safety catch
was one of the features (other than cost) that attracted my attention.

I looked at the desciption of this hoist but couldn’t see anything about a locking mechanism. Did I miss something or am I blind?

Not Blind
I should have stated that I ordered it and saw that it had a “catch” or “safety” when I received it. Had it not had the “catch” I would have returned it.

Sorry about the omission.

Thank you! This may be exactly the hoist we’re looking for then.

Canoe hoist
How wide of a spread are the hooks on each side of this hoist. Will it support a canoe without it tipping off either end?

Thank You


this the one?


I own the hoist you’re talking about and I don’t really trust or like it. I also own a Harken

hoist, it’s more expensive but I have the peace of mind knowing my boat isn’t going to crash

as I lower or raise it.

Check this West Marine link, I also saw it at the Jersey Paddler.

These things are cool…

I use one to lift the boat and another to lift my 90-lb Trailex boat trailer, both suspended in the garage over my car. They lift at the balance point, since all one hand has to do is push a button, the other is free to steady the load.

Yes, since I don’t want to see neither boat nor trailer sitting on top of my car when I go in the garage some day, I have safety loops employed as a backup (and in the case of the boat, additional support) once they are up there.