Canoe Kayak Registry

I'm reaching out to you to see of you will share my project with Facebook friends.

My project is A Canoe Kayak Registry, they way it works is an ID# tag is attached to the watercraft and if it's found without anyone in it authorities can use the ID# to contact me and I'll provide the owners information, friends, and so on.

February a canoe was found floating upside down in Ellsworth the search lasted 4 hours until a passerby stopped and told the searches that he had given to wet people a ride home. This search could have been prevented.

The power of sharing if I share with 30 and those people share with 30 people it will reach 900 people.

30x30=900 900x30=27,000 27,000x30=810,000 and so on.

The power to get the word out is unbelievable.

KickStarter link

someone call

The USCG Auxilliary
already is doing this…

Why are you looking for money for something that is already being done… for FREE!

March your butt down to the Coast Guard Station in Southwest Harbor.

And NO ONE fund this kickstarter please.

That a kayak did not have the sticker is not because they do not exist.

Admire entrepreneurs, but

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wonder if you're aware of the ACA "if-found" identification stickers and program:

Waterproof stickers plus a website to list the details about your boat and report found boats.

Haven’t heard of this USCG program.
Thanks for the heads-up !!

kayak tag

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I think your on to something and it made me think... pet stores have those machines for engraving pet tags for about $5. so maybe you could purchase one of those and put just enough info on it to assure it finds its way home if lost. bonus, they usually have holes already drilled into them making them easy to fasten in your place of choice on your yak. you will need to drill holes and put a couple pop rivets in to firmly keep in place. food for thought!

ID is simple and free

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Everyone who owns a kayak should write their name and a contact phone number inside the hull in Sharpie pen. I've done that with ALL my boats. Easy enough to just ink over it to blot it out when and if I sell the boat. I'm well aware that this is an important thing to do, having friends who are volunteers or professionals in Search and Rescue and having participated in searches myself for people who, it turned out, were not in harms way (but had just abandoned their gear), I have been doing this for years so if my boat is found without me in it, the authorities can quickly determine if I am safe and if the boat is stolen.