Canoe & Kayak Stand


Walking my dog this morning and came across two propane grills on the curb for trash. I saw that if you took off the grill unit bu unscrewing the wing nuts you would be left with a stand on wheels with two aluminum shelves. Now you could use it to put your boat on or add with self tapping screws 2x4 cross beams to temporarily hold you boat,roof rack or paddles etc. It is light weight and useful!

Can work
If you can attach homemade “J” shaped cradles to them for kayaks, or crossbars for canoes, it’ll work. I made something similar out of scrap wood and a set of cheap casters years ago for two sea kayaks that I later modified to hold a canoe on top and a sea kayak on the bottom. We keep it in our toy shed. It works well, because there’s a bike and a sunfish hull behind it, and we can just roll it out of the way when we need to.

My cradles are made of plywood, and covered with foam pipe insulation for padding.

I love it when people use their brains to solve problems.

They don’t always look great, but it shows that they had to use some thought to accomplish it.

Years ago people did stuff like this, saved money, and, in the process, execised their brains. Nowadays we throw it away and buy a new one.

Ok, I’ll get down off my soap box!

My stands
are made from an old wood extension ladder. The thing was MF’n heavy, and the rungs where starting to rot. So instead of just tossing it, it was repurposed.

Other solutions
Inexpensive canvas folding camp stools and tables or the cheap molded plastic patio tables sold at Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. Almost any rack, stand, etc. that has the word “kayak” in it gets overpriced by a factor of two. Use your ingenuity and save the money for boats, paddles, PFDs and trips.