Canoe/Kayak trailer

I am looking for a large trailer to haul 10 canoes or kayaks. I need heavy duty as I am using this in my outfitting business. Does anyone have suggestions?

20 canoes, or eighty Kayaks…(The largest)

I have had a lot of trailers over the 40
plus years I have been hauling all kinds of boats.

There is ONLY ONE PLACE you want to look for your trailer: Look to BLUE MOUNTAIN OUTFITTERS i Marysville PA!!!

Doug has put a lot of time and money into developing the best canoe trailer there is. PERIOD!



Great leads so far you guys.
Keep’em coming.

I need heavy duty (like the Blue Mountain).

Thanks a bunch!


Buffalo Canoe

Buffalo Canoes

Make some heavy duty canoes too.

Check this site I work there part time. We can build trailers to fit your needs. Aluminum or steel frames on Yaght club boat trailers. We have a custom welder that is a partner of the shop. Check out the site give George a call. The 4 place canoe 8 kayak aluminum one in the picture is under a grand. We are right in Raymond NH.