Canoe/Kayak Trailer

I want to buy a trailer for my 2 - 13’ kayaks and my 17’ canoe. Most times we just take the 2 kayaks to paddle in our area, but at least once/year we take all three. I need something that breaks down or folds to store during the winter months in my garage with VERY limited space. I really like the Yakima Rack 'n Roll, but not sure it’s worth the price tag that goes with it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?



The Harbor Freight 4x8
could handle everything but the canoe. You’d have to extend the tongue a foot or so for it and even then you’d have to center it up on the trailer (left to right).

The 13 footers would be just fine and it can fold up and stand on end when not in use. The trailer kit (some assembly required) is generally in the $250 range at HF.


Rest and Relaxation, aka, Rack & Roll. I’ve owned one for a year. It is awesome. You might consider the 78" wide version to handle all three at once. Call Yakima about it but you won’t need the tongue extension. I use the standard with a 17’ kayak and a 16’ foot kayak without a problem.

You won’t even know it is there behind you. Zero regrets about this investment and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on kayaking.

Bill G.

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Or SportsRig
SR is less expensive ( I think) than R&R.

Here are some dude’s impressions:


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I think your question is a good one, reasonable, and the paucity of replies is not because it's a bad question, only one that has been asked on Pnet umpteen times prior.

Search "trailer" under Advice and you will see more threads than you could shake a stick at. I had one called "pimp my trailer" that is still archived and has loads of photos and advice. You can search that one also.

G'luck to you.

Thanks for that
I hadn’t heard of that one before - looks nice. I didn’t realize Rack & Roll was bought by Yakima either - guess I haven’t been paying attention…

Two more options …
Here’s two more options:

I don’t own either of these. I just found them while looking around.

Eric E. Haas

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