Canoe/kayak travel alarm

What do you think of this as an alarm… bolting to the carry handle on a canoe (When the canoe is upside down)or somewhere on/in a kayak. I often wonder if my canoe will be there in the morning when I stop at a motel en route.

The Lasso Lock system
Have a look at this 2 piece system from this

manufacturer for an idea of how many keep boat secure

Some folks make their own at the hardware store

Lock it up with a cable. Park in front of your room. Sometimes you can bring the boat in the room with you.

padlock with alarm
IIRC there is a similar product - padlock with alarm. Might be a better product - use steel cables to secure your boat, use the lock to secure cables.

Survey the scene…

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If possible, park in front of your room.
It not possible; park in brightly lit area; especially if they have cameras mounted on the light poles.

I have any boat on my racks secured with 2 tie down straps, and both bow & stern lines.

If in motel parking lot:

If I have one boat; I secure one steel cable with lock to rear bumper & other end of cable to the boat. A second cable is attached to the Yakima rack, and to the boat.

If I have 2 boats on the racks; I secure one cable to the rear bumper & to both boats. I use a second cable to lock the 2 boats together, and wrap the cable around the middle of the Yakima rack.

A persistent, and bold thief can defeat virtually any system, but I try to make em work for it. If all fails; I call insurance agent.

There were so many pimps, hos, & pushers cruising the parking lots of a motel in Jackson, Mississippi that I took my Bell Flashfire off my truck & into my room. I think the local police dept. there is getting a cut of the action. Needed one of them out there directing the traffic! If they aren't getting a cut; then they are sick, lame, lazy, crippled, crazy, or were asleep, or dead somewhere.

It was so outrageously blatant............