Hi, Has anyone heard about or experience with the Native Craft Ultimate 12 (38#)? Seems like a canoe/kayak configuration. Still looking for a suitable lite wgt (+or- 40#) sot for bay fishing.

So far looking at Malibu Mini X, Crobra Explorer, OK Caper and Hurricane 120. Thanx.

Nothing like any canoe
The Native 12 is not what I’d call a canoe. More of a sit on top. The “tunnel” catamaran hull does not leave much room for gear.

IMO very very stable. Very comfy in the lounge chair sense of the word. Not very fast. Not very efficient. Not very manuveable. A great boat for relaxing on the pond or floating the gentle stream. Not a great boat for covering distance or handling current or waves.


not an SOT
SOTs are kayaks you sit on. You still sit in this one. Its a Sit-in kayak with no deck.

This seems more a sit in with no deck

The native seems more a SOT with sides.

/ ;^"p

thats what I just said

If you look inside the Native it has a “tunnel” running down the middle. It’s roughly half the beam and almost as high as the sides. The seat is mounted on top of the “tunnel”.

For that reason I’d argue that this boat is closer to an SOT than anything else you might compare it to.


Thanks for the input. I’ll keep focused on the real sot’s.