Canoe like the Wildy Ride?

This question is moslty for the canoe or sit-inside kayak fisherman, but all opinions appreciated.

I’ve been tinkering around with different canoe designs…more of a solo-canoe/kayak hybrid actually. Anyway, I’m wondering what would be the popularity of a canoe that had a hull bottom like the Wildy Ride? Something about 14’ x 33" to be paddled by a single or dual blade. Rudder an option.

Any thoughts? Opinions? A concern of mine is that I’ve heard some Ride owners complain it’s too slow. But others say it’s just fine.

Stability with easy paddling from a narrower hull is what I’m after. I realize that sponsoons and all that are available, but just humor me for now. :wink:

I’d make a mold and try to pop out fiberglass hulls. These hulls would have mods to take abuse so they’d be a little heavier then a comparable fiberglass touring canoe hull. But lighter then a roto-molded one of the same size.

This is just a “what if” type idea. I’d probably build a prototype out of wood covered in fiberglass first just to test it out.

All opinions appreciated. Try to be nice though! :wink:

Sounds Good
I’ve never paddled a Ride but I have paddled with people who have one. They all either love it or are looking for something faster. Easy Rider makes a boat kind of like what you want to build. It’s 13’ x 32", looks like a fun little craft to paddle. It’s called the Scout and another version is the Cub Scout.

I HAVE paddled a Ride
and I fell in love with it. I just have never decided to afford one. They’re not terribly available in the used market, which ought to tell you something about the opinions of folks who have bought them.

It’s fast for a 12’ boat, it handles in a river very well (and I paddled it in a swollen river - any higher and I would’ve passed on the opportunity), attains like a dream, amazing initial stability. Considering the water condition, I chose not to test secondary stability.

Good luck with the project. I don’t think WS has sold the Ride well. It’s a little pricey and they’ve been pushing the Tarpon line, but it’s a wonderful paddling boat.

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It seems to have a love it or hate it following.