Canoe Liveries

I bought an old OT Cascade I’m fixing up. I live in Northern NJ and I’m planning on a few fishing trips on the West Branch of the Delaware and the Big D as well. The problem is if I’m alone there’s no way to get back to my vehicle. Does anyone know of a service that will pick me and my canoe up and shuttle us back to where I parked?

Thanks for your help.


kittatinny canoes and/or bob landers, both have been renting and shuttling on the Delaware for decades

Canoe Liveries
Thank you very much!

rails to trails
the delaware and raritan canal state park rails to trails bike path runs from Trenton to above Frenchtown. there are many access points to put in and take out. you can lock a bike at the take out then lock up the canoe and ride to the vehicle after the paddle for an economical self shuttle. I’ve done Frenchtown to Bulls Island many times.

Very creative!