canoe loader questions and suggestions

anyone have a hitch mounted canoe loader? i am thinking of getting one for my grand prix so that i can load a canoe by myself. any suggestions on which might be the best? i have read (in the reviews at cabelas and bass pro shop) that there are loaders that are a bit wobbly and they must be secured to the car. anyone have this issue?


lighter canoe?
May I please suggest you buy a used 22# graphite canoe and paddle with kayak paddle. Easier to carry to launch. I drilled up under door frame to secure yakima with lots of span for 21 ft boats on taurus

weight not really
an issue so much as being able to lift it up there w/o scratching the crap out of the top of the car. thanks though.

Arms straight up while carrying boat ?
You will still get water stains and sand on your car. Trailer?

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