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anyone have a hitch mounted canoe loader? i am thinking of getting one for my grand prix so that i can load a canoe by myself. any suggestions on which might be the best? i have read (in the reviews at cabelas and bass pro shop) that there are loaders that are a bit wobbly and they must be secured to the car. anyone have this issue?


timjay 73 , we have been using …

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...... the "Reese" Easy Loader since the beginning of this year . We purchased it at Bass Pro Shop .

It is works fantastic , makes loading and unloading very easy on you . Just set one end up in the "T" keeping the other end just off the ground until it's in the "T" good , then let it rest on the ground.

Now lift the end on the ground up to level (a one handed affair really) , and walk it around to the front over your rack/bar . You are never lifting more than 1/2 the weight of your canoe , which is 42 lbs, for mine (85 total) .

The "T" at top of the vertical tube rotates 360* .
The vertical tube does move around some from side to side , and front to back , because of it's portable design (not welded to your vehicle). This movement is easily overcome by the manner in which you rope the canoe down tight . The trick is in the roping down .

I go from the bumper end , up throuh both "D" rings on the "T" , over and around the canoe once , and then down to the other side of the bumper . This creates an upside down V , which if done tightly , stops "ALL" side to side movement .

To eliminate "ANY" foward or backward movement , you must fasten the canoe very well to the front rack or bar , in whatever way you do it . This stops "All" movemet .

This "Reese" Easy Loader has made overhead loading as easy as it gets . 3 times easier than putting it up there onto just racks/bars .. and I am lifting it up higher than you would because I use a pick-up truck ..

Once you get use to it , you'll agree , takes all the awkward weight right out of the picture ..

ed: there are simular designs on eBay , but I don't know if they compare or not to the "Reese" brand which is a long time hitch maker ..

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