Canoe - Longship Mockup Idea...

So I am toying with the idea of making a canoe look like a Viking Longship. I found a cheap canoe, 3’wide but very flat on the bottom. It has raised ends that might support some sort of modified stern and prow pieces…

The canoe is fiberglass.

This is the canoe, any comment or advice? What would be the best canoe for this sort of fun. Extra marks, if it’s actually a working canoe in the end.
Happy to hear anyone’s idea of a better plan, or any info on this particular canoe type.

Scroll almost all the way to the bottom on this link to see a “Viking 16 canoe” modification by one builder. They even built a couple of kid-sized models:

Actually, I just googled “image Viking canoe” and saw a lot of examples that you could click through for links to those projects.

It looks like your canoe is a pretty good prospect for that kind of retro-fit. The “Viking 16” example is the same width as your boat and seems to have similar tumblehome. Be sure and post pics of your project when you finish!