Canoe manufacture

I am baffled by this.

Some months ago I read an ad for a used canoe. It gave two brand names, neither of which I can remember. But when I first saw the ad I went online and found the some sites mentioning the canoe, including the fact that it had a Canadian and an American name.

Apparently this canoe is made in Canada where it is known by one name and also sold (or made) in the U.S. where it goes by another brand name. It came in 14 and 16 foot lengths and had a model with a square back for an electric trawling motor, which is the only type allowed on the lake where I live.

Any idea what I am talking about? I have googled “Candian Canoes” in various ways but cannot find the information online again.

Sports Pal / Radisson?
These two brands are identical, but made under different names. Actually, I think I remember reading that Sports Pal canoes are made under license by many different generic manufacturing companies.

There’s nothing about these canoes that would appeal to paddling enthusiasts, but they have their market niche.

maybe Esquif? utilizes

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translation....maybe one model had pseudo-french-canadien spelling...?

Sportspal- Meyers & Raddison
There are two versions of the Sportspal Canoe and they are different in construction. The original Canadian Raddison is lighter and not as strong. It is made from a single sheet of aluminum that is cut, folded, and the joints secured with sheet metal screws covered in a black sealer which are disguised as birchbark canoe seams. The Meyers version is made in the US and is conventional aluminum construction with two halves joined at a bottom keel and end stems.


Ah, I spoke too soon
I should have said “wait for Plaidpaddler to see this” like I have done so many other times.

Sportspal addendum
The Raddison has foam seats with backs that just sit on the bottom of the canoe and can be used as shore seats. The Meyers version can be had with aluminum bench seats or the same foam seats as the Radisson. Both come with oar locks and detachable side motor mount on the double end versions. Both use the same creative placement of the closed cell floatation as an interior lining which keeps down the noise of the aluminum hull and interior reflections. The Meyers even places foam on top of the bench seats. With the exterior foam sponsons and wide hulls Sportspals are difficult a canoe to capsize.