canoe materail

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Have checked out both the mad river explorer and the adveturer. the explorer is the tt stuff. the adventurer is more thick plastic. have paddled the adventurer and it would work well for solo, with some wight in the front. hopefully i can try the explorer soon.the adveture is cheaper and very little rigging should be needede. and even if i do need to add stuff i think it would be easer. but i kakayk and only recently thaugt about canoeing. so any input would help.
this would be used on ozark paddles and week long trips. so it would see a lot less use than my kayaks. wich seem a better choice in my area for a few simple reasons

A couple things

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Two things: First, if you are going to be cartopping and paddling solo, consider the weight of these boats, 70-80lbs. You can do it, but I would suggest it will be at least mildly unpleasant to get these things on/off the car and to/from the water by yourself. This may ultimately discourage you from paddling as much as you would otherwise like.

Second, the consensus seems to be MR is suffering in the QC department of late (as in, since they were bought out). You're gonna want to take a close look at any boat you're considering for purchase from them.

All that said, if I were in your boots I'd buy a good quality used boat in decent condition. It may have suffered cosmetically from use, but it will be lighter and paddle better than a cheap barge. Your back will thank you, if not now in 20 years.


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Will be buying trailer to haul the the back is not much of a issue. would like a bell wildfire but they are not sold in my imediat area.
It is not a back issue but the abliaty to haule more boats and gear.i am rigging it to carry 2-4 kayaks/canoe and gear. plus its not costing me more than 230$. so can't complain any.

Immediate Area??
You wrote: “would like a bell wildfire but they are not sold in my imediat area.”

I can’t comment on the canoe material subject, but I will remind you that if you have a boat in mind that you would like to own, don’t let who sells them in your area dictate your ownership. I just received a boat on a FedEx truck that I ordered from California. Came in great condition and I saved a bundle.

Good luck Mike.


Agree with Andy…
…in that a trailer for one solo canoe is an unnecessary expense and hassle. I’d second getting a lighter canoe and car-topping it. I’d hate to have to deal with a trailer each and every time I wanted to take a single canoe out for a day-trip – especially if it was just because the canoe was ridiculously heavy.

Regarding the models you mentioned boyscout: There are still many small builders out there who have not been bought out by a sports-gear marketing conglomerate. These small manufacturers are building very fine canoes to a much higher standard and at very competitive prices – there’s no need to settle for second rate boats (or 3rd rate in the case of MR TTs).

‘least that’s how I see it. RK

Have trailer, still cartop.
I have a trailer that hauls four canoes. It is great for groups. My biggest problem is finding a parking spot.

That said, I cartop when out with only one canoe.