Canoe Mesh Coverings for Gear?

New to a solo canoe after years of a WW kayak. I have a 13.5’ Northstar Firebird and am headed out in a week or so for a 4-day paddling trip. I plan to strap my dry bags in well and will minimize the number in the boat (going larger/fewer). However, this weekend I flipped (a class II I’ve paddled dozens of times … this boat is so very different than what I’m used to) and that has me wondering about gear in a canoe if I do flip on this trip.

This weekend I just had a day bag in the back so it wasn’t an issue. If I flip w/ multiple bags would a mesh covering that’s secured from the handle bar to the crossbar behind my seat (and then along the sides) be a reasonable idea to have? A custom deck skirt/cover wouldn’t be ready in time and is likely more than I need. I’m more worried about having bags hanging into the water when it’s upside down than incoming water. Maybe I am overthinking this?

I thought about ropes/netting but am wary of those for entanglement reasons.

thanks in advance!

A cargo net for pickup truck tailgates should work.

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I usually simply attach my small dry bags to the yoke or a thwart. I also have a couple of D Rings that I can clip small stuff to. I also put in pad eyes on the inside of the gunwale and I go over everything I have tied in with a criss cross of very tight strung bungee cord to hold down any bulky or odd shaped items .