canoe modification (seat)

here is my problem. In my Solo Plus when I am solo and I kneel, I slowly shift forward. I start kneeling over the center seat, but in a few moments I am slightly infront of it.

What I am thinking is that I have two choices: install a seatbelt and buckle myself in place, or to alter the seat. The seat seems to not hold me in place…as if I start out on it, but I slide off. I am thinking that I would like to remove the seat and do something…move it back…just put foam in the center to support me…rework the thwart (wich is a few inches behind the seat) to have a seat…I am just not sure and I don’t want to do anything to extreme to start out with. I don’t want the the seat totally gone. I kneel, but I still like ot sit.

any ideas, or pictures that could help inspire me would be very appreciated. It doesn’t drive me too crazy yet, but I will be getting more active in it, and then I will be yelling at it.

Thanks again,


I think I do the same thing in my Solo +

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I haven't really spent that much time kneeling in it because I'm not comfortable doing it, I think for the same reason you mentioned; I'm sliding around too much.

But, I've never really worried about it since I haven't installed any kneeling pads yet. I always firgured that once I do, things will be fine. It's pretty hard to slide around on well positioned closed cell kneeling pads.

Hopefully this isn't a stupid question but have you installed kneeling pads?

I’m not sure if the newer adjustable Wenonah web seat comes in the right size for use in the center of the Solo Plus, and would be easy enough to swap in, but if it does, it would be one option to consider. It is adjustable to two or three different heights and can also be tilted at a couple of different angles. Having it tilted works a lot better for me when I am kneeling than a flat-mounted seat.

replys to both
no I haven’t put the pads in yet, I like move easily for heeling, and I get pretty figety. I am planning to put pads in, but it is VERY far on list for now (stupid truck alternator…I hate maintaing things…to the very minimum of working…darn that old truck)

and I have the sweet adjustable seat in my boat. it came with it. I guess when you pay an exorbitant amount of money, you get all the whisels and bells. Thanks so far though.

actually the pad thing is starting me to think in a new direction…


go cheap and removeable
I went with the cheap knee pads and went to the sporting goods section of my neighborhood store and got a closed-cell foam sleeping pad for $7 and cut it half. It works great and I have two of them.

I was concerned about it slipping around when I was in the canoe, but my weight on it keeps it in place just fine, you could also put some spray rubber stuff on the bottom if you wanted to.

I can’t kneel, but wouldn’t an …
…uncovered foam pad hold your knees in place?

kneeling pad thought
I used to use the strap-on pads from Home Depot/Lowes. I’m pretty sure there are some that have a relatively grippy rubber on the outside.

You could also check the Duluth Trading website They have a few different knee pads, including a gel knee pad that secures with a single strap. It looks pretty comfortable.