Canoe Modifications

What are some of the basic canoe Mods most people do? Just interested in seeing some creativity.

I have added thwarts, moved seats,
replaced fixed seats with adjustable sliding seats, added foot braces, padded out tractor style seats complete with “cheek” cut outs for comfort, added mini thwarts at the bow for a carry handle and added removable GPS holders to existing thwarts.

Jack L

Sorta depends on the boat.
Gluing in knee pads was the first mod I ever made. Adding tie-down points to thwarts and inwales was the second.

Where is Mike McCreary when you need him
You might check out

tons of stuff
bungee cord around the cockpit combing on my Kruger, light mounting brackets, padded seat, notched back of seat for tailbone relief, reflective tape, extra padeyes, extra deck bungees. Kayak, added painter lines, cut out seat and replaced by homemade seat, padded seat.

Combo pedestal seat and groover.

You got his name spelled wrong
but the No.1 duckhead no longer posts here.

Jack L


Hey, when all riverside land is private
or inaccessible, such a facility will be essential.

Lastest project wuz…
OT Appy…


simple stuff
Nothing major – moved thwarts, added kneeling thwart, added deckplate bungees for painter, grab loop.