Canoe molds

I have access to three canoe molds. They’re stored in a storage facility right now. I only got a good look at one and it has a vacuum tube protruding from it. These molds look very cool and like a ton of work went into constructing them. The first question is, would it be feasible for a newbie to attempt to layup a vacuum bagged composite canoe?

Second question - One of the molds is for a double cockpit tripping canoe. I haven’t found any reference to one like it on the web. Anybody have knowledge of this type of canoe?

I got a blemished hull from one of the molds. The hull looks like it might be a first attempt at using the mold. It still has the flashing attached and looks to be a very light layup of Kevlar/carbon with a diamond shaped foam core on the bottom. The hull measures 14’-9" OAL, 25-1/2" at the gunwales and 27-1/2"max width. It has a shallow-V, zero rocker and sheer stem and stern hull profile. Third question - would this be a pack canoe intended to be double paddled? The hull seems too light to hang a seat from the gunwales.


Double-cockpit tandem
has this manufacturer (look for TSL-1 at the bottom of the page):

I don’t think it’s possible to identify reliably this or other molds that you’ve found. They might be as well by some short-lasting company that made and sold a dozen of boats and then went under.

Just where these molds reside might help narrow down the maker.

OT made a Berrigan double cockpit whitewater tripper back in the day, and there were others. The genre has fallen on hard times, they are pricey, one usually picked ones side and one’s partner because the best boats had custom placed, offset, cockpits.

The 14.75 X 27.5 hull is the size of smaller solo trippers: Curtis Vagabond, Hemlock Kestrel, Placid RapidFire, the first two kneeling boats for single stick folk, the latter a sit low, use a double blade for larger folks.

Cold start vacuum bag your own hull? Problematical if wet bagging, harder yet if infusing. You’ll need some help with lamination schedule[s] and process to get a usable hull.