Canoe Motor Mount option

Does anyone know of a canoe motor mount for double-ended canoes that can be installed so that the motor is behind the stern? If so, who sells them?

I’ve only seen two motor mounts for sale, one is the side mount that attaches to a single gunwale and the other is a side mount that clamps to both gunwales.

side mount on both gunnel is better
You probably don’t want to mount the motor behind the stern because it is hard to reach with your arm bent all the way. I have a trolling motor (only 15 lbs thrust) which pushes my canoe in a decent speed. The motor actually produces so power that it can knock itself off the mount if the screws are not tightened enough. I think the two-gunnel side mount is better on handling of the power.

Extension Handle
As far as comfort in steering a motor behind you, I thought an extension handle with a universal joint might solve that problem. I definitely believe the two gunwale system is best instead of a single gunwale system. I was just wondering if there is a two gunwale system available that would allow the motor to be mounted behind the stern.

Old Town
We had a motor mount from Old Town that worked well for smaller motors.

Get creative…

This ain’t exactly what you’re asking about but it might plant a seed of thought.

Check this out…

Clamp to both gunwales…

Used to have a Mohawk 16, with trolling motor, mounted using a Old Town bracket that clamped across both gunwales, just behind the rear seat.

I would suggest a short shaft 30" trolling motor.

Extra weight of the battery, and motor in the back caused the front of the canoe to ride pretty high, when alone, and steering was kind of a pain in any wind. Backing up did not always go as planned either. But it worked great.

Had a simple MinKota 27# it lasted for 5 years was still kicking when I sold the canoe, used WallMart Marine deep cycle batteries, the walmart warranty is great. On the 11th month you take it back and say it dead and they replace it.

Be careful how far you go, we were sometimes on the last few amps of the battery on the way back in… Slooowww !,

We, I’m 190 and my son who is 175, loaded with gear could get a good 4 to 6 hours of continuous useage at mediun 3 or 4 speed. Speed level 5 was considered warp speed and only used intermittently when trying to get to the spot at safe light when they sounded the Bimini start horn in tournaments.

We used it many many time in salt or brackish water and never had a problem… BPS has Minkota 27# or 30# Enduras less than 100 bucks… Saltwater versions are like 300 and up, just get a new one if it breaks. Just clean with fresh water after each use like the rest of your gear.

I often thought about mounting the battery forward or at least amid-ship’s to equal out the rear weight. You could easily run like 8 gage wire underneath the gunwales, out of the way, put battery terminals on the battery end for a good connection and a connector at the motor end.

Easy to make
a motor mount yourself. I made one for my canoe that could be placed on either end for tand or solo use. Made it from Maple and used a spring loaded gate hinge to attatch the mounting board for the motor. Polyurathaned all wood 4 times. I sold the canoe a few weeks back with the motor mount, but still have some pics. If you want to see them to get the ideas going, feel free to e-mail me.

Motor mounts
Why do you need a motor mount for a canoe??? ( I know there is no transom mount) But looking at the Minnkota’s transom mount motors, why couldn’t you attach that to the side of the canoe and go for it…Thats all the motor mount does, it puts it on the side of the boat…The shaft of the motor turns 360, and the mount would open up enough to attach it to the side of the boat?? Is this just a retail ploy to get you to spend $60 on a motor mount??? Help me please???

The reason
The intent of this thread was to find out if there was an option that could be installed from the stern rather than from the side.

I would prefer a hinged motor mount instead of attaching the motor directly to the side of the canoe. In case you hit a submerged object, the hinge helps prevent damage to the motor and/or tipping.

Motor mounts
Is this what you are looking for??? Minn Kota makes one… check this out go to type in item Item: IE-010567

Walmart Warranty
Do you not see that your practice of taking the battery back and claiming it’s dead is deceptive? Bite the bullet and buy a new battery when the old one needs to be recycled. I can’t believe you are suggesting this practice here.

I stood in the returns line with a guy once at Home depot and he was returning a tile cutter. I was interested in them and asked him what had broken on it. He said nothing was wrong with it. He was just done using it and wanted his money back so he was going to claim it was defective.

This whole line of thinking is just wrong.

Do the right thing dude.

And yes, the tile cutter guy got this same message to his face. He left. I don’t know what happened after that.

I sdee youre point but honestly think walmart can take care of themselves. would the picture be different to you if sitting in line in front of yoy doing just that had been the owner of walmart himself?

Respectfully, you don’t see my
point if you are wondering that. Also, Walmarts ability to “take care of itself” is not germaine to the issue. The point I am making is that stealing is wrong no matter how it is guised.

I wish we were having this conversation on the water! I’m getting spring fever big time!


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Mounting the motor to the hull of the canoe works, just as a previous person suggested.
My friend showed me this "trick" years ago and it works great. Sometimes the best solution IS the easiest (and it won't cost you a nickel).

I don’t mean to sound a little slow but you’re saying clamp the mount to the gunwhale? Just want to make sure I’ve got this because you’re right, it’s so simple.



I think he wants something like this pic:

Brian, not sure if this is too commercial. Feel free to delete.

hinge mount
Hog, Spring Creek has what you’re looking for as far as a hinged mount. I don’ believe I’ve seen a mount off of the stern. I think Spring Creek is at

I would think that if you had a problem, such as line or weeds tangling in the prop while on the water, it would be tricky getting to the motor to correct it.

Spring Creek
I have the Spring Creek mount. I was just curious to know if there was a device for mounting it at the stern. The Cabelas mount mentioned earlier in the thread looks promising.