Canoe Motor Mount Questions

Hi, I’m considering getting the Wenonah Kingfisher canoe to use for crabbing. I want to mount a 30-lb thrust trolling motor on it. I’m shopping for a canoe motor mount. Any thoughts on these motor mount models

or can you recommend another model. I’m sure some are probably better than others. Also, I sent this question to Wenonah and they said they do not recommend using a motor on their canoes designed without the square stern. Am I asking for trouble using a trolling motor on the Wenonah Kingfisher? I have a friend that uses a trolling motor on his Old Town Camper all the time with no problems. Do trolling motors work better on canoes of a certain width or material better than others?

I have no experience with motors on canoes, but you may want to check

The people there have been very helpful to me when I’ve called to ask questions about products. They are both outfitters for the BWCA and also have catalogue sales. I believe they are also We-no-nah retailers so they may be able to help you with your particular canoe.

stepup30 motor mount on ebay
I got a great mount from stepup30 on ebay. I was very impressed with the machine work and quality. It’s very stout and mounts perfectly. You won’t find a nicer mount.

I used a motor
on my old coleman (tupperware) canoe. That canoe was a barge and needed it. I used two peices of 1 by 2 boards under the screw clamps on my old 1 hp two stroke eska motor. Just clamped the motor to one side that way. The boards spread the clamping area over the plastic hull and the setup worked great. I had the motor angled slightly away from the hull as it had pins that you could set for angle to keep it from coming near the plastic hull. That little two stroke made that canoe move along fairly fast. I now have a fiberglass canoe and plan to make my own from some aluminum angle iron and some beam clamps basing it on some of the commercial units. clamping across the gunwales is probably better and probably helps to distribute the forces involved.

one more source…