Canoe or 2 kayaks?

My family (actually me and the boys, ages 13 and 10) is looking at getting some type of small watercraft for having fun on some of the lakes we camp near. Also will do a little fishing. I’ve been researching canoes as I thought that was the best way to go. Me and the boys even rented a canoe last week and had fun paddling around a local lake. Two years ago we rented a SOT kayak and enjoyed that experience also.

During my canoe research I keep coming across info on how fun kayaks can be and how grat they are for fishing. And although I think a canoe would work out, I think my 13 year old might like the freedom of his own kayak. Me and the 10 year old would most like share a tandem kayak.

So here’s the advice I’m looking for: What do some of you experienced canoers and kayakers think would be best and why? I know there are pros and cons with both, but right now I’m leaning toward the 2 kayak solution. Of course, that’s dependent on convincing the DW. And it took almost a year to convince her to let us get a canoe.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


why not 2 canoes
My wife was looking over my shoulder as a looked at the message boards and said “why not two canoes” that is how we often paddle. We have a tandem canoe and two solos.

Two boats (canoes or kayaks) are going to cost more than one.

two boats
My 13 yr old son won’t get in a tandem with me anymore :frowning:

How about a canoe and a tandem SOT that can be paddled solo as well?

Id get a good solo SOT and a tandem canoe.That way all 3 can go and switch off now and then so everyone gets time in both.

Great Big DITTO!!!
Get both a tandem canoe and a SOT kayak. Max fun and flexability.



Ditto! (nmsg)

Ditto Again
I’d go tandem canoe and a solo kayak either regular kayak or SOT.

Individualism has been the spark of
the kayak boom. You can probably see some of that in your 13 year old, and it probably won’t be long before the youngin gets there, too. I wouldn’t have high hopes for a lot of tandem canoeing in the future, but you might be lucky!

Many canoes and yaks will serve your purpose, and I would recommend a tandem canoe like the OT Stillwater 12’ or 14’, and a kayak. The tandem is an efficient paddling and stable craft for getting around the lake and also for fishing. The yak will provide the individualistic experience almost everyone needs occasionally. The tandem can also be soloed with a kayak paddle from a dropped in center box seat, e.i., a milk crate type thing. The fiberglass design helps to make this work, providing efficiency. Neither will be outgrown. Happy Paddling!