canoe or kayak?

Been reading reviews for some time so im hoping that you can help. Which would be better for solo fishing, canoe or kayak? and what make and model? Weight is an issue and want something around 12 feet. Im 5’10 235lbs. and will only use on lakes and slow moving rivers. Thanks

kayak (or canoe/kayak hybrid)

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Check out the Commander 120 (canoe/kayak hybrid) from Wilderness Systems. I've got one on order myself to fish inshore saltwater for redfish. It allows me to stand or sit in a higher area than the regular seating arrangment. Plus it's got lots of room for gear and my dog. I'm also 5'10" and 230#.

But there are also many other kayaks to choose from. The Tarpon, Prowler Trident, Manta Ray, Ultimate, etc... It all depends on what layout you like the most and how comfortable it is to you.

how heavy is too heavy ?
there’s no doubt that there are a lot of kayaks on the market designed specifally for fishing - many have built in stabilizing features, along with all the other bells and whistles.

So on that basis, a kayak would be a better fishing craft

but, all those bells and whistles weigh a lot - that

Commander 120 spec weight is 64 pounds - is that within your weight limits ?

A canoe, without all those special fishing features, will be a lot lighter if weight is a big issue for you.

No 12 foot canoe will meet your needs,
so a “fishing” kayak will serve better. If you could go to 15 feet you might find some light canoes especially good for fishing. Look at what Wenonah offers as made for fishing.

Was just going to say the same
Unless the 12 foot canoe is five feet wide ?



I grew-up fishing out of canoes. I personally like it due to how high you sit above the water. With that being said there is a ton of advancements being made in the Kayak world for fishing. I still just think you have more room in a canoe. Brands such as pelican will give you the stability you need. If you do descide to get a Kayak check out the wilderness systems lines, they have some great ones.

Hope this helped.

Something like a
Native Ultimate 14.5 or a Manta Ray 14

Great fishing platforms for a big guy. WS also makes a Tarpon, but it’s a much wetter ride than these boats.



pack canoe
with a doubleblade. One of the Old town packs would be more comfortable then a yak and are about the right legnth.

Agree on the Pack
Agree on the Pack canoe. My husband is about your size, and he found my Old Town Pack (12’ long,