canoe outfitting

I am wondering if i can use regular contact cement to put in d-rings for my thigh straps and air bags in my canoe. thanks Mr Green

It is not recommended
Vyna Bond is usually mentioned as the primary option with a couple other thrown in that I can’t remember. I’ve always relied on the years of experience from those who have been-there-done-that way before me. So, I can’t tell you from experience that it won’t work. But, I’ve always used Vyna-bond and have never had even a hint of failure.

You’ve got to make sure you THOROUGHLY dry both surfaces before putting them together, or you’ll likely ruin your boat (again, from other’s experience).

clarion is correct
contact cement won’t hold (been there, done that).

Vyna bond is best. Put on a couple of very thin layers on both pieces, let each layer dry thoroughly, then warm up the glue with a blowdryer right before installation.