Canoe Outrigger, With DIY Details

Last July I got to take a camping trip with a couple long time friends. I got to show them some of the waters that border the US and Canada, the crane lake , sand point, namakan chain. I spent every summer up there for almost 21 years and have always rented boats and a cabin with my family. So fishing from a canoe didn’t really sit all to well for me. I am a stand and fish kinda guy. i couldn’t tell you much about my canoe other than its a 17 footer and hasn’t touch water since ‘93. Since im a stand and fish i had to outrig this boat like there was no tomorrow with a limited budget. in its entirety i only dropped 60-80$ on the entire system. which wasn’t to bad considering the systems you can buy online for a few hundred or so.

ill start off with a few pics of her then the details later

basically what i had designed was a 4 piece system that could be transported easily, i have 2 makeshift tables with screwed down cup holders/ koozies.

the fold-able chairs i had already owned worked out great we bungied them to the existing seat and when it was time to fish we folded them up and went to town on those pike

now heres the list of materials

2- 8’x 2" pvc pipe

1- 4’x 1.5" pvc pipe

2- 8’ single water tube ( item number W2010)

8- 2.5" U-bolts

2- 1"x 8"x 2’ piece of wood (any will do its just a small table)

1- 4"x 4’ pvc pipe

4- 2" pvc pipe 90 elbow

2- 1.5" x 4" pvc pipe cross looks like “+”

8- 24" long zip ties

4- 2.5" codering pins/lock pins

and thats it heres some up close pics of the set up

and finally a really shitty side view i made with paint, i no longer have photoshop. it’ll show you have the vertical pieces fit together

Part A and B are separate pieces, the 1.5" pvc pipes that are glued from the float section slide inside the 2" pipe that run across the canoe is basically how it works, with a hole drilled through both pieces with a codering pin through the 2 pipes to hold it together.

the cross members are connected to the canoe by 4 u bolts making it a sturdy system

believe it or not this took about 5 hours to complete not counting the drying time for the glue, and one shot at it. we spanned over the side of the canoe by roughly 2 feet or so she is packed up for winter so i dont have exact measurements on me. but with this set up it is possible to have one person weighing roughly 200 lbs standing on one of the outrigger sides and not tip the boat. all in all it was a little over kill with the stability but it works perfectly

Let’s be honest here- you didn’t design those outriggers for being able to stand up and fish. Instead, it’s to help you keep your balance after you polish off that 30 pack of stones!!!

psh 30 packs
never have been a big fan of anything that came out of a 30 pack, maybe a 24 of bud light may have had something to do with the overall design process

Either way it’s a
pretty cool set up, especially for the cost-

amazing …

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....... bet it paddles like a dream ,

might be time for you to get a Jon boat ??

she doesn’t paddle all to bad compared to a jon boat, when we take our yearly trip up north we have no access to fuel well we do but with a 5-10 hp motor on a small 15’ boat it would take 3 hrs one way from were we camp so its really not to feasible. we went through tons of options canoe was the only way to do it easily, we just made some slight comfort adjustments

I thought
Rube Goldberg was dead

Design process can be a frustrating thing but thank god for PVC. Low cost options are great especially when they work good. I use a sit on top kayak and I guess I have just gotten used to casting from the sitting position. The only drawback for me is if there are fishing rods in the holders behind the seat. I have had some really good tangles from forgetting about the poles behind me when I cast. Trying to keep my fishing buddy from seeing it saves a little ridicule and a lot of laughter.