Canoe packs and Thermarests

for those of you who use Thermarests and Duluth packs…

How do you store the Thermarest? I put mine under the flap, but it sure makes for a tall pack well above the gunwales. I think I remember someone suggesting to fold it and put it inside…I tried that today…well…what are y’all doing?

You may have to be more specific
Which Thermarest? There are big thick ones and little skinny thin ones that pack the size of two nalgenes and fit in a pack nicely.

thicker ones, but not super thick

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self-inflating Thermarest Basecamp 2inch thick and REI Camp Bed Regular 2.5inch thick, both slightly wider than standard, maybe 24 inch?


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I deflate my Basecamp and put it in a stuff sack. It goes on the top of the rolled plastic bag in my Duluth number 2. Yes it is a tall bundle.

Real wilderness-ey.

Thats thick
I went to the thin Prolites for awhile. The Basecamps were way too bulky for portaging. And they filled the pack!!

Now into air mattresses like the Exped Synmats or Downmats. Cushy and packagle.

antiquated option
IMO, Thermarest is antiquated. Bulky, heavy, prone to leaking, and expensive for what it is.

Considering weight, bulk, R-value, and cost, even the old Old fashioned closed cell foam pads compete with Thermarest.

A better, but more expensive option is the down filled Exped mattresses. They are lighter, pack smaller, have better R-values.