Canoe Paddle Identification

I have two older paddles, one came with an older jon boat I purchased and the other washed ashore on the river bank several years ago after some high water. I know neither of them have any value but my curiosity is searching for the brand.

The first appears to be fiberglass or plastic but has a heavy layer of paint over it and on the face of the blade is a circular logo stamped in that on the bottom of the circle reads “Products Co.” as best as I can tell and in the middle of the circle appears to be a numerical date perhaps 1891.

The second paddle has an aluminum handle with plastic blade and plastic “T” grip, both plastic pieces are black.

The only identification I can see is a white compass on the blade’s face with N S E W and the compass arrow pointing Northeast as I recall.

Any ideas?


Well you know “1891” is not a date if
the paddle is plastic or FG.

And the other paddle sounds like a generic rental rafting paddle, not worth identifying.

I Didn’t Think It Was A Date
of manufacture but perhaps a company logo date.

Actually neither are “worth” identifying from a valuation standpoint, i was only checking out of curiosity.

Black / Alu / Black
The Black T grip, alu shaft, black blade may be a Mohawk, one of the better $20 paddles available to liveries. The found wood one might go on a wall, the Mohawk maybe given to a motor boater as a, hopefully, never to be used legal requirement.

Workable paddles that enhance paddling start with Fox Works, progress through BB Espressos, Grey Owl, Fleetwoods, to Crickets, Dog Paddle Designs and Quimbies. The range is $100 to $600, expense an accurate indicator of performance.

maybe one of these
for the black paddle- often without the manufacturers name- Carlisle

for the money a very durable paddle

some knock offs that aren’t Carlisle look similar but the shaft is wider, plastic on the blade is cheaper and there is a rivet at the base of the T grip- now that paddle is definately piece of junk in my book