Canoe Paddle Length?

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I have decided on getting a Discovery 119 for my fishing canoe and need some advice on what length double bladed paddle will work on a boat thats 32.5 inches wide? I will be sitting. Also whats the correct way to find the length for a single blade and will a bent shaft work as well? If it matters im 5'10.

Thanks Tom

what matters is the shaft length for …

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...... the single blade paddle , not the overall length .

May I suggest you try the 54" Carlisle Beavertail to start with (try other brands later and compare to the Carlisle Beavertail , you won't be disappointed) ... you can purchase this direct from Old Town either through their site or better yet give them a call and order one ... they'll send it right out to you .

I have a number of very fine paddles , some I made , others are Whiskeyjacks , TurtleWorks , etc. ... to standard aluminum and plastic rafter type ... I love my Carlisles Beavertails (I own 4) as much as my best paddles , so that ought to tell you something !!

These are 8" wide blades but you will appreciate that much !!

personally I don't believe the 54" is 23 oz. as they advertise ... I think it's more like 19 or 20 oz. (in any case it's very comfortably light , fairly thin bladed , well ballanced and tough too)

for double bladed, go 280cm
It’ll be hard to find. I think Cannon and Bending Branches each make them. Use a bona fide paddle shop rather than a big box store and get them to custom order it for you if needed.

On single blade paddles, I use a very rough measure and paddle with whatever’s handy. pilotwingz advice is sure to be better than mine.

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I have the OT pack, same size as your boat but different seat and the hull is RX. I had Foxworx build me a 280 double bladed wood paddle…very nice and works great. For me it’s the perfect paddle for that style of boat.

This website has a nice sizing chart.