Canoe Paddle question

I am curious, are there paddles made that have synthetic/plastic blades but a wood shaft? A link would be great if you know of any! Thanks.

wood/carbon paddles
You’ll find that Mitchell (and Bell, made by Mitchell, I believe) have paddles that have carbon fibre blades and wooden shafts. On the other end of the scale, Sawyer has the Zephyr, a 7 degree bent shaft w/carbon shaft and molded wood blade and grip. It is very light and a pleasure to use. The blade on recent models is reinforced on the back face w/a layer of carbon fibre, too.

You didn’t specify
canoe or kayak. Mitchell makes several flatwater sticks in carbon fiber over cedar core with cedar & ash shafts. Both straight and bent.


read his post he did specify
he did specify, read his post!

Gillespie hybrid
He puts a Zav powersurge blade on a wood shaft.

How true
Not all of us are as sharp as you.


Hybrid paddles
Here at Dogpaddle Canoe Works I make a variant of any of my paddles with carbon faces (instead of glass) on the blades. These blades are exceptionally stiff. I can achieve a stiff blade that is thinner, by using carbon instead of glass. For more info. email me at

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

Custom Paddles and Cedar Strip Canoes

You might find this review helpful.

I’ve got a Mitchell Premier
carbon over wood blade glass over wood shaft.

It’s a nice, bomb proof, whitewater paddle and the one I know will get me home.

But if I don’t need the bomb proof stick I prefer my Zav (all carbon) or Bending Branches Traveler (all wood). Both are lighter than the Mitchell.


thanks for the help

as you can see…
Nobody here, including myself, has seen a plastic blade over wood shaft. I think the cost of manufacture vs price puts them in the red, although I’d agree…for anykind of WW paddle with plastic blade…I could definitely go with one, but even there I’ve yet to see one.



Bending Branches new for 2009
You can also look at Bending Branches, who have just added a bunch of carbon shaft / wood blade paddles NEW for 2009: