canoe paddles for Alaska trip

We’re taking a three week trip on the Noatak this summer, flying in on a float plane with our Pakcanoes, mostly. What paddles should we bring? PakBoat sells 2-piece Monarch paddles, which are light, but I’ve never used one. Any recommendations?

I can’t see why you need a special

If a bunch of paddles we fly six in with three people fits in a Beaver and they are standard length, why two piece? Even if you are at your planes load capacity a pound should not matter.

transporting them?
How do you get them to Alaska? Can you check them as luggage?

We did
check with your carrier on restrictions. That is a question for the airlines , not paddlers who have flown in on small Otter or Beaver aircraft. I did not realize you were referring to a commercial flight.

We use paddle bags but some use gun cases.

transporting paddles
We’re flying on both: commercial airline to get to Alaska, then smaller air service, then bush plane. The paddles have be be able to travel on all three.

ask the airlines involved
what was true yesterday is not necessarily true today.

Their policies change. I thought your question was directed at if the paddles fit in a small charter plane.